Seamless Gutters

Structural Protection

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home from unnecessary damage from rainwater.  Gutters collect and redirect rainwater away from your home's foundation preventing settling and other damage.  Proper placement of downspouts can prevent ice formation on walkways and/or driveways.


Gutter Miters

There are several ways to install mitered corners on seamless gutters.  The three most common methods are using pre-manufactured box miters (good), pre-manufactured miter strips (better), and hand-cut mitered corners (best).  The pre-manufactured box miters and strip miters result in extra fasteners and sealant as well allow for large steps from one section of gutter to the next.  If done poorly, this will result in poor slope or drainage of the gutter system.  The best method is hand-cut miters which minimize the amount sealant required to seal a corner and provides a cleaner look to the gutter system.  Jacobs Architectural includes hand-cut miters on all seamless gutter installations unless directed otherwise by the customer.  Hand-cut miters take a little more time and effort, but they provide a longer life and look better than the less expensive alternatives.  Jacobs Architectural is capable of performing miters of any angle.


Leaf and Debris Protection

Gutters must be clear of leaves and debris to function properly, but cleaning gutters takes time and can be dangerous.  Even if you have no trees in your yard, a child's small ball or toy can find its way into your gutters clogging a downspout.  Call today to ask about how we can protect your new or existing gutters keeping you from having to clean them out ever again!  Our gutter guards are installed with standing seams at all corners resulting in a stronger end product that will resist collapse.